The Dusky Horse

Flexible, Reliable, and of course always Dusky!

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Speeds up projects

I do whatever I can to remain on task and promote productivity with the people I help manage! This means staying organized and helping teach new staff members how organizations operate before moving them into a production environment.


Focused on positive user experience

I pride myself in trying to simplify the everyday tasks of using the service I help to provide, if there are any changes that you think could be made to anything I help maintain or if you are a user of one of the several services I help run please be sure to contact me and let me know if something could be improved!


Prompt Service

I'm more than happy to help troubleshoot any problems with services that I help to run and provide feedback to developers that run projects, but that means I also have to know what is wrong! If there is something wrong with any of the services that I run and I haven't already let anyone know that it might have an effect on how they use my services, please send me a message on any of the services I have listed below to let me know!

My Skills

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  • CSS
  • PHP
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